Reflection: Law & Legislation

The laws, legislation and regulatory bodies surrounding the chiropractic profession are perhaps the element of chiropractic that I and seemingly the rest of the public has the hardest time wrapping our heads around. Chiropractic is governed under the Canada Health Act, with definitions, rights, privileges and responsibilities clearly outlined by the federal and provincial governments. … Continue reading Reflection: Law & Legislation

Reflection: Professionalism & Ethics

A core aspect of being a member of the chiropractic profession is the simple fact that you are a professional and with that comes certain privileges and responsibilities. Public trust in professionals is very important, particularly when health care professions are concerned. My personal experience reflects an idea that in general, the public has a … Continue reading Reflection: Professionalism & Ethics

Reflection: Chiropractic Theories

  The many theories that exist and have existed concerning what a chiropractic adjustment or manipulation does, clinically, physiologically and psychologically varies from very plausible and in very likely true, to outdated and categorically false. One of the oldest theories is the bone out of place model which I am very pleased CMCC teaches only … Continue reading Reflection: Chiropractic Theories

Reflection: Philosophy of Science & Chiropractic Philosophy

The discussion surrounding philosophy of science and specifically philosophy of chiropractic was to be quite blunt, very frustrating. I acknowledge that it is critical to learn about the beliefs held by many of the most influential chiropractors throughout history, to be informed about why it is we do what we do, and why things were … Continue reading Reflection: Philosophy of Science & Chiropractic Philosophy

Reflection: Ancient foundations of Manual Medicine, Metaphysics and Science

The ancient foundations of manual medicine, metaphysics and science are a melting pot of theories, well-meaning efforts, non-sense and ultimately the basis for the remainder of my professional life. Time and research has proven beyond reasonable doubt the effectiveness of manual medicine, including spinal manipulation therapy. Manual therapies have been practiced for millennia, with positive … Continue reading Reflection: Ancient foundations of Manual Medicine, Metaphysics and Science