Rethinking the Chiropractic Oath

“I do hereby swear before these assembled witnesses, that I will do my utmost to keep this my sacred, trusted oath, as a graduate of the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College, that henceforth: I will esteem those who taught me this Art, Science and Philosophy of Chiropractic, and with this knowledge I will promise to address … Continue reading Rethinking the Chiropractic Oath


Module 5 – Business Ethics

The business ethics module presents information and ideas that will not necessarily be the component that drives a chiropractic business to success but it certainly could be the element that sinks a business. In my short time involved with the chiropractic profession I have encountered or heard of far to many instances in which chiropractors … Continue reading Module 5 – Business Ethics

Social Responsibility & Business

Social responsibility can be applied in many ways and is likely a tenet of many businesses. The difficult part seems to be ensuring the public is aware you are doing so, case in point the Timberland example as highlighted in the Cause Capitalism article in which the company gained notoriety and business by informing the … Continue reading Social Responsibility & Business

Module 4 – Reflection

This module has highlighted the complex decisions that must be made throughout the process of owning a business, touching briefly on topics such as important paperwork, necessary insurance and the importance of write-offs and expenses come tax time. I have spent a considerable amount of my personal time researching these topics and the module has … Continue reading Module 4 – Reflection

Module 4 – Employee vs. Contractor

ASSESSMENT CRITERIA: Determines contractor or employee status. DEGREE OF CONTROL: Indicators include responsibility for planning time, place, and manner of work performed, supervision, hours to be worked, and form of pay. OWNERSHIP OF TOOLS: Investment in tools, including value of tools, maintenance, insurance, rental responsibility. CHANCE OF PROFIT OR LOSSES: The degree to which an individual can make a … Continue reading Module 4 – Employee vs. Contractor

Module 4 – Case Study

Tom's agreement contains many of the basic details however a sound and complete agreement will include the following additional details: Contact information The names of the parties involved A letter of agreement An agreed upon cancellation payment The payment terms including when and how Tom will be paid Signatures of the parties and date signed … Continue reading Module 4 – Case Study