Module 3 – Budget Worksheet

 BUSINESS START-UP     BUDGET WORKSHEET Complete this Budget Worksheet CATEGORY BUDGET AMOUNT ACTUAL AMOUNT DIFFERENCE INCOME: Wages and Bonuses 770 770 Interest Income 0 Investment Income 0 Miscellaneous Income 0 Income Subtotal 770 0 770 INCOME TAXES WITHELD Federal Income Tax 150 150 Provincial  Income Tax 0 Income Taxes Subtotal 150 0 150 Spendable Income … Continue reading Module 3 – Budget Worksheet


Module 3 – Business Start Up Costs

BUSINESS START-UP NEEDS Section A ASSETS  IN PLACE AT START-UP ESTIMATED VALUE (Possible Examples-USE IF APPLICABLE)            AT START- UP Automobile (personal) 10,000 Equipment (Diagnostic) 500 Computer/software and accessories 1,000 Inventory or Materials 0 Other Assets(Specify) Total Assets in Place  $11,500 Section B                     ITEMS REQUIRED     ESTIMATED COST Automobile (truck,van) cost or lease deposit … Continue reading Module 3 – Business Start Up Costs

Module 3 – Reflection

The content covered in module three was very familiar as I have spent a considerable amount of time researching and developing a potential business plan as well as spreadsheets documenting personal finances and potential future income. While the content in the module offered some new information and perspectives on the costs of business, the module … Continue reading Module 3 – Reflection

Module 2 – Case Study

Step 1 The business scenario I chose was #6 – Create your own. My business scenario incorporated many elements found throughout the five options presented, with the major difference lying in my intention to purchase an existing clinic off of a retiring doctor, perhaps after a three month to year-long transition period. Step 2 While … Continue reading Module 2 – Case Study

Module 2 – Location

Factors affecting choice of location 1. Demographics I would like to eventually build towards operating a multi-disciplinary health and rehabilitation practice. As such I intend to welcome any patient be it maintenance care, MVA or post injury. That being said my major target segment will eventually become pre/post injury patients and sports patients seeking rehabilitation … Continue reading Module 2 – Location

Module 2 – Features & Benefits

Activity Sports Car – Benefits Choice of model allows you to represent your unique personality Further express your individuality with extensive colour palate Italian spirit is expressed throughout the design transforming your drive from an arduous daily commute into an experience of pleasure German engineering combined with a fully covered maintenance plan means you don’t … Continue reading Module 2 – Features & Benefits

Module 2 – Unique Value Proposition

 Unique Value Proposition Worksheet     Business X empowers     (describe customer segment (s)) Injured athletes   to     (describe significant benefits/results to clients) return to play as fast as safely possible   by       (describe how you deliver those results) personalized rehabilitation programs developed and delivered by your chiropractor   … Continue reading Module 2 – Unique Value Proposition