Module 2 – Features & Benefits


Sports Car – Benefits

  • Choice of model allows you to represent your unique personality
  • Further express your individuality with extensive colour palate
  • Italian spirit is expressed throughout the design transforming your drive from an arduous daily commute into an experience of pleasure
  • German engineering combined with a fully covered maintenance plan means you don’t have to worry, just enjoy the drive. We’ve got you covered.
  • The All Wheel Drive system means this isn’t just a Sunday driver, you can enjoy your new car every day, there’s even cup holders!
  • 5 star crash rating means you, and your loved ones are safe, no matter what life throws your way

Features & Benefits Worksheet

Define the benefits (what will the customer gain from buying your product or service).  Now complete the following statement regarding your own business.


Don’t sell me (your product/service in concrete terms) _Chiropractic care (Adjustments,  diagnosis, modalities, soft tissue therapy, rehabilitation__


Sell me (your product/service in abstraction)  _Pain free, healthy, happy living__


Complete the statement as quickly as possible.  Fill in the blank a dozen times or more. You are looking for the soft stuff. -the feeling, emotions, attitudes, results, consequences, secondary benefits, gut instincts, intuitions, and perceptions that drive your day-to-day existence.


Don’t sell me_Chiropractic adjustments_

Sell me _Feeling lighter________

Sell me _Being able to play sports again

Sell me _Get rid of nagging headache

Sell me _Feel stronger

Sell me _Feel refreshed

Sell me _Being able to play with children

Sell me _Worrying less

Sell me _Eating better

Sell me _Redefining goals

Sell me _Less medications

Sell me _Better sleep

Sell me _Knowledge about my body


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