Module 2 – Define Your Customer Segment

Customer Avatar


Age range: 20 – 60

White Collar Worker

Married, with kids

Middle Class

Average North American Diet (most meals prepared at home)

Health Conscious but uninformed

Drives to work

Light weekly exercise

Fairly up to date on technology


Pain is a familiar part of life, but not severely debilitating

Religion may play an insignificant role in daily activity

Work week is minimum 40 hours, majority sitting at computer

Work related stress and anxiety is common



John Thomas, 38-year-old male, married with two kids (6 & 4 years old).

Works in IT management at HGG & associates in Winnipeg, MB

Excerpt from today’s journal entry:

Another day at work, another nagging headache. These headaches have been happening on and off for a while now (8 months? A year?). I feel like I’ve tried everything. I’m a pretty healthy guy, I eat a good diet, I play hockey once a week with the guys, lord knows keeping up with the kids is enough of a workout. My doctor prescribed me some meds for the really bad headaches, but they just keep coming back. I know I sit all day at work but the office bought us those ergonomic chairs and keyboard and I feel like I have pretty good posture.

I really hope this isn’t just a sign of getting older, I don’t to be like Mike in accounting who complains all day and can’t even get out of his chair after work to play with his kids. Cindy says I should see the chiropractor down the street, but I’m not sure he can really help with this, I mean if my GP can’t figure it out what’s a chiropractor going to be able to do? She might stop nagging me if I make an appointment, and what’s the worst that can happen? She said her friend from work regularly sees a chiropractor and they were able to almost completely get rid of migraines, so I guess it’s worth checking out…





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