Module 2 – Case Study

Step 1

The business scenario I chose was #6 – Create your own. My business scenario incorporated many elements found throughout the five options presented, with the major difference lying in my intention to purchase an existing clinic off of a retiring doctor, perhaps after a three month to year-long transition period.

Step 2

While my customer segment will in many ways be dependant at the beginning on the existing customer segment of the clinic I intend to purchase, I do hope to establish a multi-disciplinary clinic with a rehabilitation focus in the long term. My ideal customer segment in that case would be patients recovering from injury or post-surgical rehabilitation. I do however intend on maintaining a significant family care element to my practice.

Step 3

The marketing material I expect will have highest impact will be my website featuring frequently asked questions, fact sheets on chiropractic care, information about the clinic and blog posts covering relevant topics such as chiropractic in the news, interesting cases and benefits of chiropractic care.

Step 4

My marketing strategy outside of word of mouth and community goodwill is to focus heavily on the development of a quality, comprehensive website and engagement in my community with social media such as twitter and Instagram. I intend to maintain a regular presence on Facebook with regular posts featuring community events, health and chiropractic news and research and verified patient reviews.



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