B&E – Module 1 Reflection

My business idea, briefly, is as follows:

Graduate CMCC in 2020 with approximately $200,000 in debt. Ideally, I’ll have found a workable business opportunity before graduation, with a contract signed contingent on graduation, licensing and securing adequate funding. My ideal business is purchasing a chiropractic practice from a retiring Doctor, with a transition period of a minimum of six months. Whether the purchase of the practice occurs day one or at the end of the transition will depend on negotiations. Having the option to purchase at a later date my offer an opportunity to begin to see positive cash flow without the risks and stress of business ownership on day one. With a satisfactory business plan backed with all appropriate financials and market evaluations, I plan to secure funding through a major bank. Family investment may be an option. The transition between myself and the retiring doctor aims to retain near 100% of the current patient load. The practice I will be looking for should have the infrastructure in place for growth opportunities, such as enough rooms/space for additional practitioners as demand increases.

The biggest hindrance to success that I can foresee is carrying a large amount of student debt, and most likely business debt. I hope to be student debt free within five years of practice however the realities of starting a career and particularly a business are almost undoubtedly going to change my projections, despite the most in depth preparations and accounting for every foreseeable variable. My expectations and hopes for the following modules are to discover at least one new variable or strategy that I can consider, further expanding my current business plans and ideas.

Based on the results of my social style questionnaire I fall into the D2 – analytical – quadrant. I generally agree with this assessment and am quite intrigued by the idea of communicating with specific goals dependant upon the social style of myself and the person I’m communicating with. Quite frankly, it would seem that if someone could quickly identify a persons social style and employ the ideal communication techniques, many, if not most, of our most critical communication issues would be solved. This knowledge would not only benefit the patient/doctor interaction but prove useful in everyday conversations.


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