Reflection: Professionalism & Ethics

A core aspect of being a member of the chiropractic profession is the simple fact that you are a professional and with that comes certain privileges and responsibilities. Public trust in professionals is very important, particularly when health care professions are concerned. My personal experience reflects an idea that in general, the public has a lot of trust in their doctors, be it medical, dental or chiropractic. While it would be hard to argue that in general medical doctors enjoy the highest form of trust from the public, I have heard from a variety of people that they prefer to go to their chiropractor before seeing their GP in many cases. While that may be the case for those patients who have good chiropractors and see value in what we provide, the overall public perception and trust in chiropractors could certainly use a boost. In the very short time that I’ve been within the profession I have personally seen both sides, from people that swear by their chiropractor to those who vehemently maintain the opinion that chiropractors are nothing but unregulated quack doctors who do more harm then good. Of course, they’re wrong, but when it comes to public perception and trust, whether or not they’re right or wrong is of little significance.


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