Reflection: Law & Legislation

The laws, legislation and regulatory bodies surrounding the chiropractic profession are perhaps the element of chiropractic that I and seemingly the rest of the public has the hardest time wrapping our heads around. Chiropractic is governed under the Canada Health Act, with definitions, rights, privileges and responsibilities clearly outlined by the federal and provincial governments. Or at least it seems to be. Not all chiropractors operate the same way, some in clear violation of regulatory rules, others only in violation of moral rules, others simply in disagreement over the interpretation of the legislation and regulations. At this point I feel the blame goes to the provincial regulatory bodies, for not being clear as to the expectations of its members, and when in violation, taking appropriate, meaningful action. While the majority (I hope) of chiropractors will tell you everything we do is patient centred, the reality is most chiropractors are also entrepreneurs and the regulatory and association members are politicians, and I can think of no two things that get more in the way of patient centred actions; politics and business. Stay tuned.


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