Final Reflection


As the first year of my journey into the world of chiropractic comes to a close and I reflect upon the breadth of information and knowledge that has been impressed upon me, I am happy to report that my desire to continue pursuing excellence in this profession has only increased. I am certain that over the next three years my brain will continue to absorb at least some facts from the waterfall of knowledge presented by CMCC’s professors and tutors. However, this year has not left me without reservation. That being said CP has been the right place with the right people to discuss, interpret and in most cases understand these reservations. Over the course of the year my own thoughts, and thought process has evolved allowing for a better paradigm with which to view and attempt to understand chiropractic’s colourful past and uncertain future.

Certain discussion topics such as business and history are of interest to me and I believe to be particularly relevant to my own future in the profession and the CP sessions were an excellent opportunity to get some valuable insight from my tutor who openly and candidly shared wisdom from years of experience, and hear the opinions and concerns of my colleagues. From those sessions I left with a greater understanding of how I can be successful in field of chiropractic. Other sessions however, while informative, and in some cases critical topics of discussion, left me disappointed. I am disappointed with the state of infighting between the two discernible camps within chiropractic and the lack of progress of regress that it has allowed as concerns public understanding and trust of chiropractic and chiropractors. That being said, I do not see it as a problem with the curriculum at CMCC, but as a signal that more work needs to be done and I will be positioned to carry out that work, if I continue to seek value from these discussions.

In general, the CP sessions were what I expected in that I expected to take from them what is valuable to me and actionable in the present and the future. Gaining an understanding of the persecution of chiropractors over the last one hundred years has allowed me to much better explain the current state of affairs within the profession and form a stronger definition of who I plan to be as a chiropractor as I progress within the profession. As concerns the philosophy of chiropractic and the philosophy of the science of chiropractic, I entered this program seeking to learn therapeutic techniques and the real, testable science behind them. As of right now I am not disappointed because I understand how the scientific method works, which means that sometimes a technique that is proven to work, isn’t always immediately explainable. However, I insist and will continue to insist on utilizing high quality research to inform my decisions, and improve my patient care.

I am happy to have learned about “chiropractic philosophy” as an important element of the history of chiropractic, but I strongly believe it should exist only as history, something to reflect and improve upon as we move into the modern world of health care. A world of health care where chiropractors are granted the same level of respect as medical doctors because of reputable practice standards, a model of inter-professional care that any health care provider, no matter their beliefs or prejudices can support. I believe there are chiropractors that live in this world right now and I fully plan on being one in the near future, but that world cannot truly exist until the profession of chiropractic is unified and presented to the world in a manner that does not rely on philosophy but banks on the highest standard of patient care and outcomes. The Canadian Chiropractic Association prominently displays its vision that “Chiropractors will be an integral part of every Canadian’s health care team by 2023” (1). We’ve got six years, let’s get to work.




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