Reflection: Philosophy of Science & Chiropractic Philosophy

The discussion surrounding philosophy of science and specifically philosophy of chiropractic was to be quite blunt, very frustrating. I acknowledge that it is critical to learn about the beliefs held by many of the most influential chiropractors throughout history, to be informed about why it is we do what we do, and why things were done as they were one hundred years ago. History is important. It is however, incredibly frustrating to also learn that the same philosophical beliefs and approaches that were used one hundred years ago by chiropractors to avoid jail, are still being used to this day by a stronghold of devout chiropractors, not to avoid jail, but make money off of the unsuspecting public. While some may not admit this to be the case, I cannot begin to understand how our profession allows chiropractors to continue practicing without using evidence! Informed consent is essential is any health care treatment and it would seem that a practitioner who reasons their treatment because of philosophy, unsupported by research and evidence is not operating with consent based on relevant information but based on opinion, and should therefore not be covered under a regulated health profession.


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