Reflection: Entrepreneurship

To some up the CP session and panel discussion on entrepreneurship in a single thought would be: being a chiropractor is as much or perhaps more about business than it is about being a good adjuster or knowing the anatomy of the body. That being said after talking with some of the most successful and influential members of the chiropractors in Ontario it becomes quite clear that being a good adjuster and knowing the anatomy is the most crucial element of running a successful chiropractic business. It is the product. While that is an irrefutable fact when discussed within the realm of evidence informed practitioners who care about positive patient outcomes, it is only necessary that your business employs excellent adjusters, or in other words excellent chiropractors. This is the entrepreneurial aspect of running a successful chiropractic clinic. I do not need to be the best chiropractor in all its elements forever, in fact I only intend on being the best for maybe ten years. By the time I am forty I hope to employ a new cohort of the best, most up to date chiropractors so that I can focus on ensuring my business continues to provide the care for patients.


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