Reflection: Chiropractic Theories


The many theories that exist and have existed concerning what a chiropractic adjustment or manipulation does, clinically, physiologically and psychologically varies from very plausible and in very likely true, to outdated and categorically false. One of the oldest theories is the bone out of place model which I am very pleased CMCC teaches only as a part of our history and not as the central tenet as to why we do things the way we do. Our discussion about chiropractic theories may have shifted at points away from the actual discussion and more towards the political ramifications of practicing based on a specific theory or another, which while perhaps not strictly within the course syllabus is still in my opinion extremely relevant to my own practice in the future. That being said, my apolitical take away from the discussion on chiropractic theories is that my own clinical experience and patient outcomes will guide and develop how I personally think about the spinal manipulation, and in most cases one theory will not completely explain, or be responsible for the desired or achieved result. Every patient is different, every joint fixation may also be different, we are lucky to have such a versatile tool to address conditions of the musculoskeletal variety and we can only continue to engage in top level research until the day comes, and it almost certainly will, that we can confidently say exactly why our course of treatment will or will not work, ultimately resulting in better patient care and respect within the health care community.


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