Reflection: Ancient foundations of Manual Medicine, Metaphysics and Science

The ancient foundations of manual medicine, metaphysics and science are a melting pot of theories, well-meaning efforts, non-sense and ultimately the basis for the remainder of my professional life. Time and research has proven beyond reasonable doubt the effectiveness of manual medicine, including spinal manipulation therapy. Manual therapies have been practiced for millennia, with positive patient outcomes. Yet the very young profession of chiropractic has been through growing pains unrivalled by many other professions. In some cases for very good reason, other times due to blackmail and fear. The discussions we had in CP floated around all kinds of history and musings, but in the end one thing is quite clear: Manual medicine has been around longer than we know, and will almost certainly be around long after we leave, regardless of the current metaphysical or scientific beliefs. Why? Because it works.


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