Reflection: Leadership

Our discussion of leadership centered largely around the role of chiropractors as leaders in health care and as leaders of a health care team, usually as the owner/manager of a private chiropractic practice. From discussions over the last 7 months with my classmates, it has dawned on me that many do not realize that there is so much more to being a chiropractor than being a master of anatomy, or a highly skilled practitioner of manual therapy. Being a chiropractor for the vast majority of Canadian graduates means buying, or starting a private practice. Of course, not everyone was born to be a leader in business, or has any desire to manage accounts and care about billing, yet it seems to me to be a reality for our chosen profession. Even as an associate, where one may not have to directly pay rent, or manage front desk staff, it seems appropriate and personally beneficial to consider oneself as an entrepreneur. I did not apply for CMCC when I was first looking to enter the health care industry because my research had yielded horror stories about bankruptcies, poor management and low incomes. After some time I was able to wade through the stories and discover a reality; success in chiropractic, and probably life, begins with understanding the importance of good leadership, and displaying good leadership. I hope to own and operate a successful multidisciplinary health care practice in the not too distant future and the brief conversation about leadership has made it abundantly clear that being a good practitioner is only one piece of the pie, real success comes from a strong leadership foundation.


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