Reflection: Chiropractic Panel #2

The CMCC Class of 2020 was fortunate to once again have the opportunity to hear from and question a unique group of panelists involved in the world of chiropractic. Dr.’s Mior and Wong along with Mr. Nambiar each provided a brief look into their area of expertise touching on topics such as cultural competence, special populations such as LGBTQ, inter-professional cooperation and public health, all relating to chiropractic. Each panelist had very interesting things to say, each further developing my understanding of the reach of a chiropractor. As a relatively new student of chiropractic however, it was Dr. Wong that most stood out as she demonstrated simply by sharing with us what she is currently doing, that chiropractors belong at the table concerning issues of public health, including policy and research. I truly believe that while rights, approaches to care and philosophy may differ among regulated health professionals such as medical doctors, chiropractors and dentists, we are all responsible for issues of public health and should be learning, effecting and influencing advancements of public health, for our patients and society in general. I am proud to have a recent grad of CMCC representing our profession by pursuing post-graduate education in public health and taking the time to return to CMCC and share her experiences, knowledge and passion with the future of chiropractic.


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