Reflection: Chiropractic Panel #1

The Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College class of 2020 were privileged to have a panel of three of Chiropractic’s most influential leaders present and answer questions on some their experiences and insights into the future of Chiropractic in Canada. The panelists were: Dr. Richard Brown, Secretary-General of the World Federation of Chiropractic, Dr. Robert Haig, CEO of the Ontario Chiropractic Association and Dr. Greg Dunn, CEO of the Canadian Chiropractic Protective Association. I am consistently impressed at the quality of education at CMCC and the openness and willingness of the guest speakers and staff to answer any questions us students come up with. As a new member of the Chiropractic profession I know that by the time I leave CMCC I will be an expert at anatomy, biomechanics and technique, but I yearn for more and more information on the world of Chiropractic and how I am going to fit within it. So far, CMCC has provided countless opportunities to satiate my desire for more insider information, only making me want more. The fact that these three very busy and influential members of the Chiropractic community found time to stop by CMCC and stick around answering questions long after the session was dismissed confirms my view of CMCC as a top notch, if the not the best in the world, Chiropractic College and I look forward to more opportunities to learn from the people who are out there making a difference to patients and the Chiropractic community every single day.


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