Reflection: Ice Breakers

Meeting new people, walking into a new building, having information thrown at you a mile a minute, or maybe a kilometer per minute (the metric system is the way to go, America). Starting at a new school, in this case professional school, one that ultimately gives me the right, privilege and responsibility to call myself doctor, is an exciting, nerve-racking experience. One thing, however, sticks out particularly well from the first week or two: Ice Breakers. By the time I had done the rounds of classes and labs, my pod of ten people could all list off were each of us are from, received our undergraduate degrees and at least one interesting fact, to the point that even the words ice and breaker made us roll our eyes. But at the end of the day, our profs now know who we are and we, the ten of us, have made lasting friendships that I believe will not only enrich our experience at CMCC over the next for years but translate into ten colleagues I can call upon anytime throughout my career and know I have the ear of friend. I hope we do another two weeks of Ice Breakers next year.


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