“Chiropractors will be an integral part of every Canadians health care team by 2023” 

– Canadian Chiropractic Association


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Module 5 – Business Ethics

The business ethics module presents information and ideas that will not necessarily be the component that drives a chiropractic business to success but it certainly could be the element that sinks a business. In my short time involved with the chiropractic profession I have encountered or heard of far to many instances in which chiropractors … Continue reading Module 5 – Business Ethics

Module 4 – Reflection

This module has highlighted the complex decisions that must be made throughout the process of owning a business, touching briefly on topics such as important paperwork, necessary insurance and the importance of write-offs and expenses come tax time. I have spent a considerable amount of my personal time researching these topics and the module has … Continue reading Module 4 – Reflection

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