“Chiropractors will be an integral part of every Canadians health care team by 2023” 

– Canadian Chiropractic Association


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Flip Class 1 – Year 2

The following presents a collection of links and my brief thoughts on a variety of technique systems used by chiropractors: Diversified http://chiro-online.com/lc/principles/module6/diversified.html Diversified technique is the equivalent of being spiritual without belonging to a specific denomination. It takes ideas from many narrowly scoped named techniques, without any defined rules for what and how it envelopes … Continue reading Flip Class 1 – Year 2

B&E – Module 1 Reflection

My business idea, briefly, is as follows: Graduate CMCC in 2020 with approximately $200,000 in debt. Ideally, I’ll have found a workable business opportunity before graduation, with a contract signed contingent on graduation, licensing and securing adequate funding. My ideal business is purchasing a chiropractic practice from a retiring Doctor, with a transition period of … Continue reading B&E – Module 1 Reflection

Entrepreneurship: Listening, Learning, Leading, Doing

Entrepreneurs do two things in particular that set them apart from the average person: First they identify a need, second they identify how to satisfy that need. Every successful entrepreneur has satisfied both criteria, however many entrepreneurs or even the average person has satisfied both criteria, without ultimately becoming successful. The thing it seems that … Continue reading Entrepreneurship: Listening, Learning, Leading, Doing

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