“Chiropractors will be an integral part of every Canadians health care team by 2023” 

– Canadian Chiropractic Association


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Module 2 – Location

Factors affecting choice of location 1. Demographics I would like to eventually build towards operating a multi-disciplinary health and rehabilitation practice. As such I intend to welcome any patient be it maintenance care, MVA or post injury. That being said my major target segment will eventually become pre/post injury patients and sports patients seeking rehabilitation … Continue reading Module 2 – Location

Module 2 – Features & Benefits

Activity Sports Car – Benefits Choice of model allows you to represent your unique personality Further express your individuality with extensive colour palate Italian spirit is expressed throughout the design transforming your drive from an arduous daily commute into an experience of pleasure German engineering combined with a fully covered maintenance plan means you don’t … Continue reading Module 2 – Features & Benefits

Module 2 – Unique Value Proposition

 Unique Value Proposition Worksheet     Business X empowers     (describe customer segment (s)) Injured athletes   to     (describe significant benefits/results to clients) return to play as fast as safely possible   by       (describe how you deliver those results) personalized rehabilitation programs developed and delivered by your chiropractor   … Continue reading Module 2 – Unique Value Proposition

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