“Chiropractors will be an integral part of every Canadians health care team by 2023” 

– Canadian Chiropractic Association

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Entrepreneurship: Listening, Learning, Leading, Doing

Entrepreneurs do two things in particular that set them apart from the average person: First they identify a need, second they identify how to satisfy that need. Every successful entrepreneur has satisfied both criteria, however many entrepreneurs or even the average person has satisfied both criteria, without ultimately becoming successful. The thing it seems that … Continue reading Entrepreneurship: Listening, Learning, Leading, Doing

CAM to Mainstream: The Chiropractic Profession at a Crossroads

 When asked why they do what they do, be it go in to work each day or specifically why they recommend a certain treatment, most health care professionals will say (or at least should say); the patient. Everything we do and will ever do as members of the health care professions should center around the … Continue reading CAM to Mainstream: The Chiropractic Profession at a Crossroads

Reflection: Law & Legislation

The laws, legislation and regulatory bodies surrounding the chiropractic profession are perhaps the element of chiropractic that I and seemingly the rest of the public has the hardest time wrapping our heads around. Chiropractic is governed under the Canada Health Act, with definitions, rights, privileges and responsibilities clearly outlined by the federal and provincial governments. … Continue reading Reflection: Law & Legislation

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